Astrology… Stupidness at it’s peak.

Weak person needs submission to anything and anyone, s/he fears the consequences of making a decision that’s why so many newspapers contain horoscopes section to tell her/him how you got to behave today. While strong person makes her/his own decisions. Azad.

So there are Astrologists out there who put entire humanity, i.e SEVEN BILLION people in just 12 categories, correct yourself if you are wrong, based on simply what month of the year you were born in…

I mean nothing else matters to these delusional kids, nothing at all. Not the period of time you were born in, not the social circumstances, not even matters whether the family you were born in is financially sound or not, or part of the world you were born in. Only date of your birth is what has to define how you have to act, how you’ll develop your personality and so on. And they are telling you all that only 12 of the situations will probably occur in your day today, and you people should act in only one way among the twelve ways… wow incredible idea folks…

And more incredible than that… many of the “Great minds” follow them. They are like this: every morning they have to check what is going to happen to them and how they have to act today.

I mean…

I’m speechless… I really am. Khalas


Sat Dec 17, 2016

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