Are you Travelling or just Sightseeing?

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The Difference between travelling and sightseeing.
The main difference between travelling and sightseeing is either you are going for visiting places or going to experience different cultures. Many of us these days just go for sightseeing, and it’s promoted by the tour companies, too. We tour far and wide but don’t really communicate with the inhabitants of that area. There is a Sindhi saying that goes “Jeko ruly so Khuly” translates as ‘Those who wander are the ones who florish’. In its pure sense travelling is exploring different cultures, different beliefs about life and death, different ways of doing the same thing, closely inspecting how and why they built what they built, not just sightseeing.Dont-tell-me-educated-you-are-travel-quote.jpg.jpg

China is home to most sophisticated philosophies on earth, though not widespread as Greek, but they have tons of things to teach humanity. So, 67.87 Million people visited the country in 2016 alone, according to China National Tourism Administration, and now ask these tourists what they really know about chinese traditions or philosophy, except for the shortest review from the tour guide. My point here is one should know very well about the different point of views of same thing, that’s when we call someone the Learned-one.

How modern-luxurious-money-making-ventures have murdered the actual purpose of travelling?

The very first curse humanity is facing in this age is shortage of time, among others. So the tourists have shortage of time and they want to see the most of the country they are visiting in that tiny sphere of time, so they don’t really have time for exploring the real life of the inhabitants. Most tourist companies offer tour plans for an entire country of just 4 to 12 days. And in those limited days, one can hardly visit the most famous places of the country, and has no time left for exploring the culture and everyday philosophy of the country. busy.jpg

Living in Star hotels isolates us from the everyday lifestyle of the mango people, and all starred hotel are same, and that’s why they are giving the star rankings, if you have selected a three star hotel, you have already made up your mind what you can expect from it. On the other hand if you really want to get a clear view of how they live, you have to live with them. Previously it was called as being guest and it was free, for now install an app called CouchSurfing and you have to pay a tiny fees to the hosts to live among them.
But why does it matter to be The Learned One?

Well I can give you a thousand reasons but to keep things interesting just YouTube this phrase: Americans are stupid and proud of it or follow this link:

Is it really the shortage of time we are facing or we pretend being busy?

Travel advice by the student of philosophy.

Travel to any country and I assure you, you’ll have plenty to learn from them. Because every country has given it’s share to humanity and that is particular to that country, whether the country maybe Sri Lanka or Switzerland. Just do a little research about their history and you’ll know it all you need.

And about learning how to Travel.


Jan 26, 2017.

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