The Grocery Story 

Every one of us has experienced the Grocery purchasing. So if you tell someone your Grocery Story that you went purchasing aalo bhendi and tamatirr, and paid bills and purchased shoes and stuff, no one will take interest in it because it’s so common and that’s why it became boring.

To be an interesting personality, one should must do something above living the Grocery purchasing… and when you do something extraordinary every now and then but your partner is trying nothing to do something to keep up with you, you become bored with him/her…

And how boring it must be to do same things over and over again… Unfortunately, many of Human Beings are just living that life which is routined and no more. Comfort-Zoned people.  These are the kids who miss the Fun in life and complain all the time about life without realising they are the one who made it absurd.

It’s not that Life is absurd, it’s you who make choices that make “ONLY YOUR LIFE BORING and ABSURD” because you can’t gather up the courage to keep your life interesting, doing stuff which is, filled with many experiences, in short, Come Out of their Comfort Zones…

Fri Jan 16, 2016.

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